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Please write a profile for yourself, or just introduce yourself. Link to your tradelists. Say your hardiness zone, elevation, and location—stuff like that (as well as other stuff you want us to know). Edit when necessary (or post a new thread if it would invalidate the replies). Please put a link to your profile post in your signature, if you want it to be really easy to find. Lock your thread if you don't want replies.
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Discussion pertaining to edible plants, fruits, culinary herbs, and culinary spices. 165 258
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This forum is for ornamental plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, etc.
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This is for discussion about plants that are not considered vegetables, ornamentals, or houseplants. 0 0 Empty
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This is for discussion about the process or work of gardening and farming, and all the things that go into that. For instance, the following things (and more) are on-topic: gardening tools/machines, soil management, raised beds, plant labels, gardening methodologies, land management, gardening real-estate, composting, weed management, general pest management, etc. Aside from the 'Mushroom', 'Sprouts and Microgreens' and 'Worm Farming' forums, If your post rather focuses on the plants or animals themselves, or on work for a specific kind of plant, please post in the forums for those plants or animals. 0 0 Empty
This is for seed-trading, SASE offers, classified ads, and other such stuff.
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This sub-forum is for off-topic discussion. Please note that the rules forbid some topics and behavior. 11 14
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